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  • 5  S T A R S - Maz & Jo give so much value in their FREE 7 day trainings. They helped me gain so much clarity for moving forward in 2019 since doing their current training. Their trainings are easy to follow and don't overwhelm, which I love. I'm looking forward to their next FREE 7 day training on self-esteem starting soon. They're trainings are so brilliant that I decided to join their membership group. I'm so pleased that I did because they have just delivered an amazing training on confidence which I'm looking forward to taking action on immediately. Maz & Jo are such lovely, caring people who really do love to help others.
    Katie-May White
    Ability Coach.
  • W😮W that was some amazing training🤩 Emotional Intelligence Training with Jo Eva and Maz Berry.🔥🔥🔥 I have been on many trainings in the past with some of the best in the industry, but that was day 1 and was fabulous. The learning environment was amazing. Thank You So Much Guys🤩 See you on the Next Session🙌
    Carl Sharples
    Network Marketing Leader
  • Such lovely genuine people who want to help make a difference in your life. Day one of their free 7-day training for the beginning of 2019 was invaluable! Can't wait for the next 6 days! I recommend Jo & Maz highly, they are such inspirational people, very understanding, they listen to you as an individual and they give up their own time for you, which they are doing with this 7 day free training. Super beautiful people!
    Caroline Penny
    Business Owner
  • Very inspirational couple!!! They deliver sound advice and motivational guidance help to reach your potential and purpose!!
    Mandy Martin
  • I decided to join Just BE’s Coaching programme because I was inspired by Maz. I wanted to give something back after losing my mother in law. I wanted to be able to help people in helpless situations so decided to start running to fundraise. I've never been good at running or I didn't think I was, so wanted to push myself and challenge myself. My challenge was my fitness. I wanted to become fitter and overall accomplish goals I never thought I could. I was self limiting myself as I just assumed it wasn't possible, I was never the fittest person even at school but Maz showed me how to change my mindset. Positive attitude and belief is what makes me run. Thanks to the coaching from Maz I have completed two 10k runs, and a half marathon and I'm currently training for my next half marathon. My next goal is a marathon.....I will do it because I can.
    Rob Stocks
    Amateur Athlete
  • I’m on location in Thailand and It occurred to me that I am living out four of my five major life goals right now and a lot of that has to do with a lot of work I’ve done with my coach Maz Berry.

    It would taken hours to tell you the positive changes that’s happened between then and now, so instead I’ll give you a couple of examples. I am running a successful business from my laptop while training for my toughest mental and physical competition of my life and I have got such great time management skills that I’m able to take 2 months off this year to explore the Himalayan mountains.

    If you’re wanting to make changes, small or big, just have a chat with this amazing human being - you won’t regret it!

    Vanessa Harper
    Performance Coach
  • For the past month I have been working with the beautiful and wonderful Jo Eva to help me push forward through my self limiting beliefs (the negative shite we tell ourselves basically!) as well as other issue's which I'll go on to tell you about another day! Jo is an absolutely amazing coach and has guided me some pretty tough things that have cropped up in the time we've worked together. It doesn't matter if an issue pop's up between our weekly sessions as I can message Jo and she's always there to talk me through it. This morning we had an unplanned session due to something that has been an ongoing thing for me showed itself again on Tuesday and as usual I was handling the situation and feeling the same crap I usually feel when it happens. You see we don't realise that how we react, feel or deal with an issue is usually done without us realising due to it being burned into our subconscious after something that happened be it big or small to us years earlier. We instinctively react a certain way and wonder why history keeps repeating itself!!! Jo and I went through a technique that took no longer than 20 minutes. We went through the process that is self limiting to me in detail and emotions attached at different stages. Other things were discussed and by the end of it I was left totally feeling in control and positive about taking my power back and by changing my self talk to do it. There is so much more I want to and could say about the huge amount of progress I've made with Jo being the most amazing guide you could ever wish for to be honest and am actually surprised by how easy it's been made to feel again because of Jo and the techniques she practices. I would thoroughly recommend this girl to anyone who is feeling stuck or lost or wants more from life but can't quite believe you have what it takes.....life IS for living NOT for just existing on the planet my lovelies!
    Jo Cooper
  • It's tough to give up something that's addictive and not good for you, but I have worked with Jo and she has helped me concur that craving for the worst.. too much sugar. I'm taking a step forward and feeling stronger in knowing that I can walk past it and reach for something better. Trust me it works!! 😊 My main problem is always wanting to be in control. It's almost like a fear if it's taken away from me. So during my session we discussed more sensible ways in how to deal with that fear when something is out of my control and at the end I was calmer and even laughing gently. I know how to step back and think before reacting. It's made life definitely a lot easier to cope with.
    Fern Taylor
  • No matter what you do or who you work for - WE ALL HAVE MENTAL BLOCKS that can prevent us from moving forward. As a Coach myself - there is no way, I could have got here on my own. I've had many coaches but it wasn't until I started using NLP myself, that I had to go through the process myself of releasing my mental blocks. A coach is someone that helps you to be the best of your self and Jo Eva is one incredible coach! We've been working together for a few weeks, as I needed a sweep up (basically clearing up the debris!) and honestly JO is amazing. She is such a natural. She is so thoughtful and she really connects with you... I absolutely love you Jo and I am so honoured to call you my Coach helping me break free continuously!

    Since speaking with her I have let go of a lot of negative emotions and in return it's allowing me to focus on my own business and goals with more self-regulation and awareness and making sure I put me first.

    Jo you are one powerful Coach and I am so grateful for your support, guidance and that gorgeous chuckle of yours!

    Love you so much!

    Sam Evans
    Mindset and Business Success Coach
  • After speaking with Jo about an issue I have been dealing with she has given me a different way of thinking about how to approach different situations and the emotions which are attached to it. I now have a clearer thought process and some steps to work on going forward. I have spoken to Jo a couple of times and plan to Work with her in the future but for now I would just like to say she’s a lovely patient person who listens and genuinely cares about her clients progress and will work through issues with you until you are comfortable to move on. Looking forward to speaking to you again soon thank you again Jo
    Natalie Baker
    Business Professional
  • Wow!! Just finished chatting with the lovely Jo Eva and have to say everything has become so much clearer now! I have a vision and know what I want to achieve, but was struggling on where to get started, was becoming very overwhelmed and just procrastinated like crazy to avoid the issue and felt crap at the end of the day for achieving nothing! With the help of Jo, I now have a plan of action and one that is easily achievable to get to where I want to be. Thanks so much beautiful, I’m really excited about the future.
    Caron Ryden
  • Had an amazing session with Jo yesterday. I was really struggling with where I wanted to go with coaching and how I wanted to use it.

    The whole idea of high ticket sales and being about the money was putting me off and so I just wasn’t doing anything. She took my problem and turned it round so I could see I can do it how I want to and help the people that matter to me most.

    Straight away after I was coming up with ideas of what I was going to do and then the same afternoon had a message from a lady asking me to do a video in her group on what I do.

    Change the way you think and amazing things happen

    Michelle Churcher
  • Thanks to Jo, I have been able to deal with a very personal situation that has held alot of power over me since childhood. I now know that part of my life is dealt with and I personally feel like I wouldn't be where I am without her help. She has given me freedom and peace from my own mind and I am now able to move on with my life.

    Her techniques are like nothing I've ever done before and they really challenge your way of thinking. While working with Jo, we had never met. But I felt so comfortable and at ease with her. She's very professional and has an incredible manner. She always left me feeling uplifted and in control. I would highly recommend Jo, her work is incredible and truly life changing.

    No words can express how grateful I am to Jo. What she has given me is a gift that will stay with me forever.

    Lucy Lewis
    Self Employed
  • Jo has significantly made an impact on my business and personal life. Hitting goals and remaining focused, motivated and determined to achieve much more in life. Her coaching and support has been incredible and I would highly recommend to others. Thank you Jo for everything.

    Cath Lewis Jones
    Self Employed

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