Bespoke Training & Retreats

Types of Coaching Packages

We provide a mixture of online personal one to one, and group coaching.

We work with a limited number of people on a one-to-one basis and have a few packages available.

  • We have a number of workshops we will be delivering this year.  Once the dates and the details are confirmed, you will find the details of each training and tickets to our workshops here.
  • We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with some other World Class Coaches to launch our Empowerment Couple Retreats in 2019.  These retreats are Personal Growth Retreats for couples and we will be taking you away in the sunshine for a week!  Our Empowerment Couple Retreats give you the opportunity to withdraw, turn inward and focus on yourself and your relationships, away from the world of everyday demands, pressures and responsibilities. This will allow you to make quality time for yourself and each other.  You will be able to overcome your personal obstacles and learn how to […]
  • Whatever challenge you are facing either personally, in business, in your team, in your organisation or in your sport, we can put together a specific training package to tailor to your needs. Please use the contact form below to contact us and speak about your requirements.  
  • 4 Steps to Overcome Obstacles Free Masterclass   Throughout our lives we face challenges in many types of situations.    Do you sometimes freeze up when faced with obstacles because you’re unsure of what to do? If so, opportunities may pass you by because your resolve to meet the challenge quickly disappears.    The good news is: you can pass any test you face on the way to your goals!    This FREE online training Masterclass teaches you 4 Steps to Overcome Obstacles.   The strategies you learn here can help you every single day. If you take advantage of […]