January 27, 2019
Bespoke Training
January 27, 2019
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We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with some other World Class Coaches to launch our Empowerment Couple Retreats in 2019.  These retreats are Personal Growth Retreats for couples and we will be taking you away in the sunshine for a week! 

Our Empowerment Couple Retreats give you the opportunity to withdraw, turn inward and focus on yourself and your relationships, away from the world of everyday demands, pressures and responsibilities.

This will allow you to make quality time for yourself and each other.  You will be able to overcome your personal obstacles and learn how to love yourself again before enriching your relationships further and finding that connection once again.  

Our first retreat will be in Tenerife for 6 nights in Autumn 2019.  Our programme consists of strategies where you will learn how to break negatively affecting habits, let go of the past, regain control of your thoughts and behaviour, increase your emotional intelligence, release limiting decisions and negative emotions, have a balanced life, learn how to love yourself again, identify what you really want in life, make the changes you’ve been putting off for years and enrich your relationships.

If you are motivated to put some quality time into your personal growth and development …

  • or you sense that you are at a crossroads a threshold or approaching a breakthrough of some kind
  • or you are facing a crisis of some sort in your life
  • or you want to concentrate on relationship issues and overcome your present impasse or difficulties

Then this retreat is for you!

Please click here to book your call with us TODAY to discuss this amazing opportunity further.