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February 7, 2019
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Free 5 Day Self-Esteem Super Boost Challenge

If you struggle with your confidence, self-worth, or belief system, then this challenge is for you!

We have designed this  FREE 5-day challenge to help you unlock your self-confidence.

Each lesson contains a short 5 minute video every day for 5 days with a short reflection followed by a specific, tangible action step.

This is so you can build momentum and experience a mini-win after the five days.

Here are the topics within our Just BE True to You: The 5 Day Self-Esteem Super Boost Challenge:

* Day 1: Appreciating Your Strengths

* Day 2: Affirming and Accepting Who You Are

* Day 3: Eliminating Negative Self-Talk

* Day 4: Eliminating Toxic Relationships

* Day 5: Affirm Others

This FREE Training will be starting on Monday 11th February 2019 in our FREE Facebook group, please click on the link below to join …


Over these 5 days, this Self-Esteem Super Boost Challenge will show you how to make the simple choices and actions that, over time, will help you boost your self-esteem.

If you loved our FREE 7 Day ‘New Year, New You’ Challenge at the beginning of this year, you will love this!!