March 12, 2019

Be a Finisher!

Most of us are good at planning out the path to achieving our big goals. Some people are also good at getting started and making some real progress. Far fewer are experts at crossing the finish line. Developing the habit of finishing what you start can be a watershed moment for many. It’s common to quit before reaching a goal. We’re good at doing a lot of things 90% of the way, but not completing them. Learn to finish what you start with these tips: Finish everyday tasks consistently.  For example, if you are washing the dishes, wash all of the dishes. Avoid leaving the […]
March 6, 2019

The Importance of Habits

Habits are the biggest cause of your success or lack of success. Habits are vitally important, but few people recognise their importance or understand how to create or manage them.  Most people think of habits in a negative light … Drinking, drugs, gambling, and overeating are what pops into the mind of most of us when habits are mentioned. However, many habits are positive, such as:  Exercising Meditating Brushing your teeth  Taking a shower  Paying your bills on time  Those who lack success have habits, too, and they contribute to their lack, such as:  Procrastination Social media Surfing the internet  Late […]